A Period of Reflection

The figurative drawings and paintings made by Roy Trollope between 1989 and 1997, at a time of reflection and change in his life, cover a range of issues such as childhood, emerging sexuality, the construction of masculinity and changing circumstances.  They are his personal response to his own upbringing and also to a time in the late 1980s and early 1990s of separation, loss and new beginnings. They are presented in a series of pictoral tales using a magical and moving visual vocabulary that sustained him during that challenging time. 

The construction of masculinity and the cultural and social expectations that men from Roy's background  and generation faced were a source of interest and intellectual exploration for him.  In the late 1980s he and artist, Jeremy Mulvey, were instrumental in bringing together a group of male artists to work on these issues which was known simply as 'The Men's Group'.  They showed collectively in several venues in London, exploring the issues in a range of media.   In Roy's solo exhibition at St. Anne's College, Oxford, in 1994 he also attempted to interpret in an accessible visual language what he felt he had experienced particularly during adolescence and moving into adulthood.

It is in these collections of work that his extraordinary ability can be seen to the greatest effect for turning personal experience into a kind of drama about the human landscape using unique, beautifully crafted and iconic visual narratives.

Detail of 'To the Woods' II, 1990, in page banner. 

'To the Woods' III, 1990, acrylic on paper.      PoA

'To the Woods, 1990, acrylic on paper                     PoA

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