The paintings here are part of a much larger body of work, most of which is now in private collections.  They were described in the local paper of the city where Roy had his first exhibition in Spain - in Castellon - as a personal narrative which had begun when he moved to Spain and that focused on the contemplative and the reflective.  According to the writer, they also invited the spectator into this reflective space.

'Woman Walking on a hot Day', 2001, acrylic on board.    65cmsx65cms (framed).                                                PoA


'The Pool', 2000, acrylic on board.   99cmsx66cms (framed).                                                                                               SOLD 

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This is also available as a size A2 giclee print, £105 plus postage/delivery.

 'Running Man', 2001, acrylic on board. 65cmsx65cms  (framed).                                                                       £650                                                                                                                                                                 

'Swimmers', 1999, acrylic on board.  51cmsx38cms (unframed).                                                                   PoA

'Swimmers II', 1999, acrylic on board.  59cmsx49cms (unframed).                                                                 SOLD                                                  

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