The paintings on the following two pages are available as giclee prints in limited editions of 50.

The original paintings of the dog with oil jars are also available for sale but the originals of the other images are all in private collections.

'Two Oil Jars and a Sleeping Dog' 2005, acrylic on board.  102cmsx53cms (framed).            ORIGINAL PAINTING: £900  

Giclee print copy, size A2,  £105 plus postage/delivery costs. 

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'Sleeping Dog and an Oil Jar', 2005, acrylic on board, 102cmsx53cms (framed).                                                                ORIGINAL PAINTING:£900

Giclee print copy, size A2, £115 plus postage/delivery costs.

'Stepping Stones', giclee print size A3+        £105                                           plus postage/delivery costs.

'Woman in a black Hat', giclee print size A2,      £115 plus postage/delivery costs. 

'Woman Inside' 2000, giclee print size A2, £115 plus postage and packing

More giclee prints available on the next page.
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