In 2007 Roy made visits to the National Park of Aigues in Cataluna, other parts of the Spanish Pyrenees and Gavarnie in the French Pyrenees which, he said, 'were extremely inspiring for me.'  The collaged paintings that emerged from these experiences were, 'in my opinion, some of the best work I have made'. 

 'The high Waterfall', 2008  95cmsx35cms (framed).      SOLD                           

 'Through the Gorge', 2007              56cmsx51cms (framed).           PoA

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 'The Waterfall', 2008   95cmsx35cms (framed).           PRIVATE COLLECTION                                                                        

 'Falling Water' 2007  66cmsx52.5cms (framed)                                     SOLD                

'Spanish Pyrenees Views', 2008  91cmsx52cms (framed).          SOLD                                                                          


 'The Gorge II', 2007               59.5cmsx42cms (framed).            £450                                      

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