'The blue Window', 2005, acrylic on board, 120cmsx53cms.          £680

'The Watermills', 2005, acrylic on board.  61cmsx51cms (framed).               PoA                                                                                                                                                                                              

 'The Bridge and the Mountain' II, 2004, acrylic on board.                       85cmsx65cms (framed).                                                            SOLD                                                                             

 'The Bridge and the Mountain', 2004, acrylic on board.  85cmsx65cms (framed).                                                                                                                 £600    

 'The Dried Waterfall', 2004, acrylic on board.100cmsx50cms (framed).     SOLD                                                                                                        

 'The Tunnel III', 2004, acrylic on board.  100cmsx50cms (framed).                   PoA

The paintings 'the Bridge and the Mountain' were made after a visit to Andalucia in Southern Spain.  See detail in page banner.

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