The paintings made between 2004 and 2006 were inspired by the Maestrazco, the wild and beautiful countryside that surrounded Roy's farmhouse 800 metres up on a mountain in Castellon Province, near Valencia.

'It's the place where my imagination has dwelt - mis moradas - my resting place,' he said, 'In this collection I have always painted an actual place. I've been as much interested in how I've felt about somewhere as how it actually is.'

 'Towards the higher Ground', 2006, acrylic on board        60cmsx50.5cms (framed).                                         £650

'The Gorge', 2006, acrylic on board.  47cmsx56cms (framed).                                                                                          £450                            

 'The Reservoir', 2006, acrylic on board. 47.5cmsx53cms (framed).                                        PRIVATE COLLECTION

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'The Curves', 2006, acrylic on board. 50cmsx55cms (framed).                                                                    PoA                                                                                  

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