Introversion Series

'Melancholy', 1996, acrylic on paper, 50cms x 72cms.

'Listening' 1995, acrylic on paper. 656cms x 85cms  (framed).  Permanent collection of the Towner, Eastbourne.

(Right) 'Touching', 1995, acrylic on paper, 90cms x 69cms (framed). Permanent collection of the Towner, Eastbourne.

                            See detail in page banner.


'Breaking the Mould II' 1991, acrylic on paper, 89cms x 68cms.                                                                        PoA

'Somnambulist' 1994, acrylic on paper, 76cms x 57cms                                                          PoA

'Breaking the Mould' 1991acrylic on paper,  80cms x 68 cms                                                                                                                              PoA

'Somnambulist II' 1994, acrylic on paper, 77cms x 58cms.


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