These intimate paintings of a domestic interior space were made before Roy began to explore and reflect on the outside space which dominates his later work.  He was settling into a new life and a new home.

'A Woman Reflected', 2001, acrylic on board.  50cmsx40cms (framed).                                                                               SOLD


 'Reflection of a golden Woman', 2004, acrylic on board.  47cmsx52cms (framed).                 PRIVATE COLLECTION                                                                  

'The Artist's Wife II', 2000, acrylic on board.        46cmsx42cms (unframed).                                                                               £225

 'Reflection of a sleeping Woman', 2001, acrylic on board.  51cmsx52.5cms (framed).                                              SOLD    (See detail in page banner.)

 'Woman Inside', 2000, acrylic on board. 45cmsx47cms (framed).                                                                           SOLD                                                                                

'The Artist's Wife', 2000, acrylic on board.        46cmsx42cms (unframed).                                                                                             PoA

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